When in Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Paris, London...

My mother naturally worried for me throughout my entire Europe trip. She couldn't wait until the day I got home. One thing she never failed to remind was to not walk down dark alley's.

Everywhere in Europe, especially in the capital cities, all the streets are alleys. Buildings built cookie-cutter, so close to one another; yet, it was charming. What a wonderful experience to see Europe. There was such soul in the cities. I will never forget it. London was magical, Paris was romantic, Rome was honorable, Athens was unfortunate, Barcelona was artful, and Spain was just pure soulfulness. I plan to go back. I still want to see China, Japan, Thailand, Ireland, Australia, and so much more.

I arrived back in Miami nearly a week ago. Reality has brutally hit me, but I arrived with inspiration, memories, and plenty of photo's!

Have a great weekend everyone! I will be job-seeking and editing cover letters, thank you letters and such!