Vimonsut Residence

So, I made my sisters apartment look more spiffy this past weekend. (She had guest coming over) It just needed a few rearrangements, some lovely photographs mounted on a wall, and some extra throw pillows. I remember at first working around a red leather sofa was a challenge, not something I would ideally have in a space, but I was able to make it work. I spotted a persian style rug at ikea, and was like BINGO! With the rug, it helped me tie in the color scheme with the throw pillows and decorative pieces such as the vases. The space is eclectic, and very cozy. It still needs some work, but hey, she'll be moving out pretty soon to her new home! I can't wait to do that house! Exciting.

This monday I'll be having a meeting with a perspective client down in south beach. It would be a office design project. Hopefully, everythings goes smoothly. Got lot's of planning to do this weekened. Write up a contract, figure out how I should charge, whether it be hourly or cost-plus...Hmmm, I should start my research now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!