Ruthie Sommers Does It Again

Oh, how I've scoured through my pile of magazines to find this issue! I was smittened by Ruthie Sommers design for Drew Barrymore. How I've missed Domino magazine. Every time my subscription would come in the mail, I must of had the face of a child once they're given candy or something! When this issue came in I fell in love with the colors and the decor. The design was for Drew's production company, Flower Films. What I love about the interior the most is that it doesn't resemble an office space but of a home, warm and cozy. The space is lovely. There is a floor to ceiling wall covered in photographs, an over-sized table lamp, a mid-century chrome-accented rosewood desk paired with a french sofa, and just a hodge-podge of styles that work perfectly together. The whole space is inspirational. Come back Domino!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!
ta-ta for now.