Lovely C.S. Lewis inspired design

I think I have discovered possibly one of the most talented decorators of our time, Fawn Galli. She has tremendous talent for transforming her clients home into something enchanting. Her use of fabrics, and colors are breathtaking. These interior pictures are actually from her house. It looks magical, almost, and what I find fascinating is that she cited C.S. Lewis The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as her design inspiration in her home. How awesome is that! I think people feel sometimes limited and reserved when it comes to decorating their home. Maybe, they're scared of color. I'd say paint 1/4 of your room kelly green, and then go crazy. Right now, if I had the space, and the money I would definitely do something like this.
Three thumbs up for Fawn Galli.

 Fawn Galli's Parlor

A view of her Parlor. I love the deer!

Fawn Galli's Breakfast Room

A view of her breakfast room. I've always wanted a breakfast room.

 Fawn Galli's Bedroom

Her room! I love that bed.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the photos.
Have a great day.