4,000 Pages Later

Lately I've been seeing too many scary movies... Imma wuss. Current mood: paranoid.

Ever seen a giant sketchbook?? I bet you haven't. Look.

Rob Teeters Sketchbook

It's perfect to have in a living room or in a office space. This large sketchbook can be used for seating and used as a table top surface. Genius, huh? This piece is loaded with 4,000 sheets of recycled paper. Amazing. Wouldn't it be cute if you can have this oversized sketchbook, add drawings, and notes, and letters every-so-often, and then pass it down to your children, and then they'll pass it down to their children. How interesting that would be to be able to look back through the pages. Now that's something worth having.

Designer: Rob Teeters ( I wanna shake his hand )