Play Again Tunes

Totally loving Ellie Goulding "Lights" and Florence + the machine "Cosmic Love" this week- jamming while working. Love their tunes and their voices.

Anima Domus | The Concept of Home

Anima Domus has got to be the best source for high-end fine Italian furniture and home decor in the Miami area. The furniture that they sell are beautifully designed and beautifully detailed -from very simple to unique. Because of Anima Domus, R Design Studio was published on the cover of the Miami Design District Magazine and the Jewish Times! It's been so delightful working with them and their service is impeccable. For right now, I can only dream of having some of their items in my home! Wah!

(Roger Zwickel from R Design on the cover)

(Two Elle Armchairs from Anima Domus)

Casual Look

I am loving this look for work. Need to go shopping...

Oh Monday morning...the weekend is coming to a halt.

Enjoy your Sunday evening everyone!


I just scored this Ambassador Men's Wardrobe Butler Valet Clothing Rack for only $20.
It was made to hang suits and trouser and other male accessories such as ties and pens. It would keep everything organized and wrinkle-free. But, I am going to re-purpose it. I will make it the perfect jewelry "box" for myself. This would go perfect in the corner of our room at our new place. I've been very selective in choosing a jewelry box, because some of them can be so clunky. I love the drawer and the three individual compartments on top, and most of all I really like that it is free standing. Most affordable jewelry boxes were made to sit on a surface, and then it takes up the whole entire surface. This keeps all my jewelry organized and set aside from my dresser. It is a very unique piece!


Robert & Giselle Miami Wedding

Robert & Giselle Miami Wedding

I still feel those same butterflies walking down that aisle on my wedding day whenever I see this video.
We loved our photographer, John Davydov. He was beyond incredible. Thank you for capturing this very special day. It's been a year and 2 months already since our wedding day and it feels like it was just yesterday.
Still holding on to those precious moments that are so dear to my heart. Enjoy!


Saturday Mornings

Sooooo, we are moving! In less than two weeks and I have not yet packed or decluttered.
I have tons of things to scour through, but for right now I will enjoy my time with Chloe (my niece), enjoy my cup of coffee, and be governed by my childhood memories while watching the Disney Channel. Happy Saturday morning to all! Enjoy every minute because we all know the weekend does go by FAST!

Giselle (& Chloe)

Below is an image of Chloe at a party. I love these pictures of her.

Patterns, Colors, and Textures, Oh My!

I love spring time! I love West Elm during the spring time! They have such a great selection of decorative pillows, area rugs, tableware and accessories that can really light up a room. This is the easiest way to change up any space without spending an arm and a leg. Let your space reflect your personality! People tend to overlook the fact that their home can really reflect their personality and identity. Splurge a little this weekend on your home and make it YOU.

Have fun!

PS- Found the cute little trees online from an unknown artist. =/

Persimmon and Teal

I am loving everything that is on this moodboard! Persimmon orange and teal have got to be one of my most favorite color combinations all year round. They make any dull room look more playful and moore cheerful. Notice the subtle touches of these colors, and how they were utilized in the space. I'm having such a hard time designing and decorating my home. It is much easier designing someone elses home and loads of more fun using their money! There are endless options for interior styles and I want all of them. Picking one is just too complicated. Once I feel like I've nailed my design choice I get easily seduced by another. I do notice my style for comfy casual is mildly subsiding and modern/chic/vintage is a good trio for us. And I gotta have all three because I just can't pick one.

New Apt.

I just moved into my first new apartment and I am just dying to design and decorate!
I find myself splurging on home goodies more than clothes and shoes. I NEED to find balance! Every time Robert comes home from work he notices I switched things around. The first thing he does when he walks into the apt- It'll go something like this, "Hey babe- oh wow, but, oh you moved it over there- that looks nice. Oh, and where did- ah, there it is." It's just funny to stare at him as he tries to piece everything together. Most guys couldn't careless, but Robby is a rare breed and that's why I married him. Now, the past couple of weeks I've been shifting the same things over and over again until I find myself content with the way it looks, but then I got bored of swapping the same things. Soo, Friday finally came, deposited my check and off I went to IKEA with my mom. Yes, IKEA aka Disney World. I got some fun decorative pillows, accessories and a table lamp. I can't buy furniture yet, because this apartment that we are currently living in is only temporary- so I don't want to jump the gun and start buying the "big stuff" until I'm in the new place. So, there you go. This weekend I'm going to the Container Store- I've never been so obsessed with organizing until I moved. I have no idea why. Can't wait!

Here are a few of the items I boutght from IKEA and The mirror is from CHIASSO. =)


Eek! 8 months ago...

I can't believe that the last time I posted was over 8 months ago. I promised myself I would be loyal to my blogspot. Well, soooo much has happened since March! I'm engaged, enraged, and totally loving it! February 19, 2011, I'll be marrying the most wonderful man in the wooorld! The picture to the left was taken in Coral Gables, and there are plenty of other shots that we just absolutely love. Since our theme is travel we loved the idea of incorporating world war 2 airplanes as our backdrop. I had such a wonderful time taking pictures with him. He was such a great sport. We want to go back and take some more shots just for fun. My lovely cousin is the one that was behind the lens, and boy, she WOWed me. Thank you Patty for the pictures! Now, 2 months is all I've got left in planning this wedding. I have sooo many ideas that I can't wait to materialize. I love the idea of hand-made invitations, and that's what we're doing. Once those are sent out, which will be happening next week--I will definitely post pictures up of the invites. Can't wait to share!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Vimonsut Residence

So, I made my sisters apartment look more spiffy this past weekend. (She had guest coming over) It just needed a few rearrangements, some lovely photographs mounted on a wall, and some extra throw pillows. I remember at first working around a red leather sofa was a challenge, not something I would ideally have in a space, but I was able to make it work. I spotted a persian style rug at ikea, and was like BINGO! With the rug, it helped me tie in the color scheme with the throw pillows and decorative pieces such as the vases. The space is eclectic, and very cozy. It still needs some work, but hey, she'll be moving out pretty soon to her new home! I can't wait to do that house! Exciting.

This monday I'll be having a meeting with a perspective client down in south beach. It would be a office design project. Hopefully, everythings goes smoothly. Got lot's of planning to do this weekened. Write up a contract, figure out how I should charge, whether it be hourly or cost-plus...Hmmm, I should start my research now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Well, work has kicked my butt today, morseo traffic! But, I am very grateful for having a job. Anywho, the main topic for this entry are for my pillows!

My pillows will be ready for sale this summer(and I am speaking in faith lol). Hopefully, everything goes according to plan. Finally! I am so excited. Can't wait to see the turn out. It was actually suppose to happen last year, but with school and everything else, it just wasn't a realistic idea. Ever since my travels, I've come back home with such enthusiasm, excitement, and encouragment to do what I really love and want to do, and I can't wait to share with everyone. Here is a quick sketch of one of the first designs.

(Her name is Flor)

Ruthie Sommers Does It Again

Oh, how I've scoured through my pile of magazines to find this issue! I was smittened by Ruthie Sommers design for Drew Barrymore. How I've missed Domino magazine. Every time my subscription would come in the mail, I must of had the face of a child once they're given candy or something! When this issue came in I fell in love with the colors and the decor. The design was for Drew's production company, Flower Films. What I love about the interior the most is that it doesn't resemble an office space but of a home, warm and cozy. The space is lovely. There is a floor to ceiling wall covered in photographs, an over-sized table lamp, a mid-century chrome-accented rosewood desk paired with a french sofa, and just a hodge-podge of styles that work perfectly together. The whole space is inspirational. Come back Domino!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!
ta-ta for now.

Lovely C.S. Lewis inspired design

I think I have discovered possibly one of the most talented decorators of our time, Fawn Galli. She has tremendous talent for transforming her clients home into something enchanting. Her use of fabrics, and colors are breathtaking. These interior pictures are actually from her house. It looks magical, almost, and what I find fascinating is that she cited C.S. Lewis The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as her design inspiration in her home. How awesome is that! I think people feel sometimes limited and reserved when it comes to decorating their home. Maybe, they're scared of color. I'd say paint 1/4 of your room kelly green, and then go crazy. Right now, if I had the space, and the money I would definitely do something like this.
Three thumbs up for Fawn Galli.

 Fawn Galli's Parlor

A view of her Parlor. I love the deer!

Fawn Galli's Breakfast Room

A view of her breakfast room. I've always wanted a breakfast room.

 Fawn Galli's Bedroom

Her room! I love that bed.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the photos.
Have a great day.

When in Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Paris, London...

My mother naturally worried for me throughout my entire Europe trip. She couldn't wait until the day I got home. One thing she never failed to remind was to not walk down dark alley's.

Everywhere in Europe, especially in the capital cities, all the streets are alleys. Buildings built cookie-cutter, so close to one another; yet, it was charming. What a wonderful experience to see Europe. There was such soul in the cities. I will never forget it. London was magical, Paris was romantic, Rome was honorable, Athens was unfortunate, Barcelona was artful, and Spain was just pure soulfulness. I plan to go back. I still want to see China, Japan, Thailand, Ireland, Australia, and so much more.

I arrived back in Miami nearly a week ago. Reality has brutally hit me, but I arrived with inspiration, memories, and plenty of photo's!

Have a great weekend everyone! I will be job-seeking and editing cover letters, thank you letters and such!

4,000 Pages Later

Lately I've been seeing too many scary movies... Imma wuss. Current mood: paranoid.

Ever seen a giant sketchbook?? I bet you haven't. Look.

Rob Teeters Sketchbook

It's perfect to have in a living room or in a office space. This large sketchbook can be used for seating and used as a table top surface. Genius, huh? This piece is loaded with 4,000 sheets of recycled paper. Amazing. Wouldn't it be cute if you can have this oversized sketchbook, add drawings, and notes, and letters every-so-often, and then pass it down to your children, and then they'll pass it down to their children. How interesting that would be to be able to look back through the pages. Now that's something worth having.

Designer: Rob Teeters ( I wanna shake his hand )