Mommy and Me Workout

I am so looking forward to our Mommy and Me Workout at Coach Summit this weekend!

Baby girl and I practiced a little this morning and squeezed in a little dance session too. We’re on our way to Indy tomorrow, and this momma has lot’s to do to prepare for our trip, but squeezing in a 30 min workout helped put my mind at ease. No stress here! Just overjoyed! This was a chance for me to get healthy, share my passion for fitness, build something for my family, and connect with other women. I am so looking forward to seeing my team, and all the ladies that I admire so much. It’s going to be goooood! 

What is Coach Summit?

It is a Beachbody annual conference. There's training, workshops, speakers, super trainers, workouts, and photo ops. You have the opportunity to hear from people that work in our corporate office and connect with them. It is also an opportunity to meet with your team! Since coaching is all online community, you meet people from everywhere, and this is the time you get to be in the same place together while connecting and growing as a team.

I am looking forward to the impact this will have in my business, and my team members businesses. I will be learning, growing, and experiencing so much. I know that I will be able to apply the training to my business and continue to help people live a more health life. That fills my cup more than anything! 

I joined Beachbody first as a customer because I needed access to fitness programs that I can  easily stream from anywhere. I was able to squeeze in a workout while my daughter napped. Before Beachbody, I was a gym rat. I loved fitness, but I didn't have a good handle on my nutrition. When Rachel was born, I wasn't able to to go the gym as much as I wanted to. Being able to have access to hundreds of workouts and nutrition guides that worked around my newly mom schedule was priceless. I knew that I needed this in my life.

The days of running to the gym on a whim was no longer apart of my lifestyle.

Now I can get a great workout from home, while taking care of my baby girl. She is seeing her momma getting stronger each day, and that means the world to me. I am teaching her how to take care of herself by being an example. She wouldn't be able to see that at a gym daycare. 

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