Sizzle Into Summer


I can't believe it's summer already! Just like that! It's that time of year when everyone is hosting pool parties, barbecues, outdoor events, and plenty more. 

It's also the time of year when everyone plans their annual vacation or even staycation. Whatever it is that you have planned for your family, I am pretty sure your itinerary is rocking it. But, you can rock it a little bit more by squeezing in a little "me-time."

We will be headed on a cruise in just a few days, and I know that even though I am on vacation - vacations can be hectic. So, I am making sure that I allocate some quiet time in the morning for myself. I encourage you to do the same. A daily devotional and even a little personal development can help us take control of our mindset and emotions when life throws us lemons! 

One more thing I'm adding to my personal itinerary is a little 30 min workout session. Yes! even on vacation. I've got our virtual accountability group filled with ladies who are also joining in on this challenge. After you have made time for exercise, write down how you feeI after you completed your exercise. What are the benefits of living an active life? 

Let's not forget nutrition! We are what we eat, right? We tend to splurge a little more when we're on vacation, and that's okay! Even more of a reason why we should allocate a little sweat sesh! If we start taking care of ourselves, then the rest the family follows suit. Why? Because, who is typically the cook? You are. You are the boss in the kitchen. That's right. Momma is the boss-babe!

I am sure everyone is googling how to lose 10, 15 or even 20 pounds in just a month to get that bikini body ready, but let's be honest, weight loss takes time. 

Heck, you probably gave up and decided that you will start when you are back from vacation! 

Why not NOW - during vacation! Yes. Challenge accepted!

I curated a 5-day workout program that you can stream anywhere; your hotel room, your gym, heck, even your bathroom. Each program is 30 min or less! Anyone can squeeze a 30 minute sweat sesh into their crazy summer days! Maybe wake up a littler earlier than normal, or press play when the kiddos are napping. It is suddenly very doable when the workouts are only 30 minutes. Right?








These workouts were designed to leave you burning more calories while defining your muscles using your own body weight! 

I am working mom, and I know first hand how hard it can be to make time for yourself. It is overwhelming, and the thought of making changes to your routine may seem out of reach and unrealistic, but deep down, you know you deserve this! When momma is happy, everyone is happy!

Fear, doubt, maybe even failing might hold you back, but let's focus more on the wins, and hitting goals instead of having self-defeating thoughts! Once you start focusing more on the victories ahead of you, it will make you unstoppable! 

Excited to be apart of the Summer Challenge Movement? Let's stop waiting for the summer to be over to get started on ourselves!

Let's start NOW, and let's do it together, all while keeping each other accountable and being a part of a group of people who are also focusing on their goals! 

Ladies, let's take the steps to start taking care of ourselves, and the confidence to stick to our goals. Be the first in your family to lead them in the right direction by being an example! 

Summer - We are in control. Not you!

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