My ALL-TIME favorite Super Trainer, Joel Freeman, does it again! 

I loved him so much in Core De Force. There is no doubt in my mind that he will deliver excellence in his new program, LIIFT4, which will officially launch on October 1st, but you can gain access through the VIP Early Access Sale on June 11th!



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This program is all about building lean muscle and burning calories with weightlifting and high intensity interval training. Get it? HIIT with Lift --> LIIFT +4 because the program is only 4 days a week. Genius!

LIIFT4 is an efficient, no-nonsense 8-week program, 4 days a week, and 30-40 minutes a day. My kind of summer workout! The other 3 days of the week can be rest days, or if you enjoy running, yoga, cardio, walking, you can definitely do that -- or better yet, get a massage, because you're going to need it!  

There are no gimmicky moves, no overly complicated routines, and no opportunity for boredom because you’ll do all 32 workouts of the program in real time with Joel and the cast—never doing the same workout twice.


This workout is great for busy summers. The best part is that you can get a full workout from home! Joel Freeman can be in your living room and I know the ladies won't have a problem with that! 

Men will also get kick out of it too. ;)  If you are looking to build muscle and chisel that core, you don't want to miss out on this program!

Best Part: All you need are small, medium and heavy weights or resistance bands.

What does the program include?

The workout program includes a Workout Calendar, a Nutrition Guide that is flexible and geared to helping you eat all the right foods that will fuel your body for these particular workouts, and a Weight Progression Tracker.

Excited to start?

Yeah! Me too! 

It launches on Beachbody on Demand on October 1st, but you will have the opportunity to gain access through the VIP Early Access Sale on June 11th. The workouts will then become available on July 16th.

I will be on a LIVE call with Joel Freeman tomorrow, June 6th! I am so excited to learn more about the program, and anxious to fill you in on all the details. 

One thing I do know is, if you enroll when the pre-sale goes up, you will have access to new LIIFT4 prep week workouts with Joel as they become available, but after the LIIFT 4 Pack has been purchased! You will be able to stream these amazing workouts on ANY device. How cool is that?!


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